Meet the faces that make IN8 special!

Under our new motto;
maintaining the Remarkable Culture within the IN8 Crew is a core focus.

The long-standing success of our local business is solely the result of the amazing people who have worn the IN8 shirt (or served before we even had a logo!).


From the beginning, the Hills Community saw something special in our team in the way our crew conducted themselves. Our clients can see that we are a team of young and enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about serving the Hills District. Always with a smile!


No matter the challenge, our crew have an awesome ability to exceed the expectations of our clients and leave them delighted and more than impressed.


Our promise to you is a prompt, reliable and high-quality service from a friendly team. We take pride in our fun personality and great communication skills.


Since our launch in 2017, we have served over a thousand properties in the Hills District with gardening services.


We truly hope to serve you in the near future!


Innate 1.0

IN8 1.0 was launched in 2017 by Nate Philips. Our first job ever was delivering FIFA (PlayStation game) to a fella who had the flu!


Clearly, the vision at the beginning was vague. Although, Nate was determined to challenge himself and build a Value-focused business.


Regrettably, University took the back seat as Nate poured his love into IN8 and enthusiastically applied his Uni lessons into a real-life business! 3yrs passed, many crew members joined the journey, and IN8 began to build a name for itself.


Innate 2.0

2020 saw a new opportunity to grow as Jadyn and Santino teamed with Nate to provide more ground support to grow IN8. We could have never anticipated COVID or Santino heading to Spain to pursue his professional footballing career.


So, needless to say, 2020 and 2021 was a peculiar time! We are grateful, in particular, for the heart and soul invested into IN8 by Jadyn.


Our Crew say "he is the best boss ever", and that is a testament to his passion for serving others and selflessly working to solve our clients' and crew's needs.


Innate 3.0

Now, things start to get interesting. In 2022, IN8 redefined its vision & purpose. To say "we are excited" would be a severe understatement!


Firstly, we are seeking to do what we already know, but doing it even better. That means Remarkable Garden outcomes… every time.


Secondly, we are building upon our Remarkable Culture so that our values are ingrained in our Crew all the way to the core.


Thirdly, we are determined to create Remarkable Stories - this is reflective of our desire to have an impact on our clients, but more importantly, leave a positive impact on the community.


Our new vision is going to be fulfilling - and this notion will fuel us to create Value like never before!

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Define 'Innate'

inborn; natural. the word 'Innate' was chosen for our business name as it encapsulates the personality of our team. We are a group of young, local people who believe in authenticity and being our true selves.

By nature, we are friendly and personable. We love building trust-based relationships with our clients through our genuine interest in their lives and serving them to the best of our ability.

'Innate' also describes our initiative, which is a character trait that is often missing in business these days. Furthermore, the word captures our natural service skills and ability to adapt to difficult situations and find solutions.

We are proud of our name and strive to be a positive example of its meaning.


Very happy with the lovely nature of the team at Innate Property Services and they are to be commended for excellent detail to their job. Would very happily recommend their services.

- Jenni, Castle Hill

Analysis Paralysis?

5 reasons to choose the IN8 Crew for your garden.

Diverse gardening capabilities.

Skilled & conscientious team.

Enthusiastic & friendly staff.

Create remarkable gardens.

Show your support for
aspiring athletes in The Hills!


Our Services


Restoring gardens and creating remarkable spaces.


Routine servicing to maintain remarkable gardens.


A specialty service to complete your remarkable garden.