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Supporting young athletes to Achieve the Remarkable!

Our IN8 Stars initiative will be launching in JULY 2022 - stay tuned.


In the meantime, give a fist-bump to a kid pursuing their dreams - remind them they can "ACHIEVE THE REMARKABLE".

A note from Nate, the founder of IN8

All my life, I have loved Football (FYI; soccer), and growing up, it was always my dream to play alongside the greats!


I was blessed enough to be pretty good at the game too!

My top 3 career highlights:

  1. Playing in front of David Beckham - he said I was "a good little player".

  2. Captaining the Australian Schoolboys squad across the UK.

  3. Supporting my club to a premiership, with 16 consecutive wins.


As exciting as these moments were, this is not a SUNNY story for me. It's actually an area of my life that brings me a lot of grief.


More than anything, I wish I was tying my boots to head onto the pitch for Chelsea FC. Instead, it's 3:00 am, and I'm typing these words.


But, wow! What an opportunity! I have such an important message to share, and while I will not be able to live my dream as a Professional Footballer, I can use this keyboard and my words to inspire the next generation and educate the Community.

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My Painful, Powerful Story

Like many young athletes, I had a dream, but I had doubts. And the fear of failure was crippling. Despite having top quality coaches, very supportive parents, encouraging teachers, and mates who were just as obsessed with the game as I was, I was still under-supported.


I believe Young Athletes are under-supported when pursuing greatness in their craft.


Similar to many of my friends, I wanted to play for the Socceroos. From around 6yrs old, all the way til 13yrs, this dream seemed reasonable. But when those teenage years hit, the message changed.


  • The words in my head; "I would never be one of the ones"

  • The words of my peers; "it's just a dream, be realistic"

  • The words of my teachers; "focus on studies, football is just a game"

  • Parents and coaches are often great, but they too lack the belief.


And this is where I made the BIGGEST MISTAKE of my life.

I let go of my dream… at the age where it mattered most. I spent the next 4yrs with a poor assumption that I could never make it. I even considered myself 'In Retirement' from playing at the highest level I could.


Despite giving up on the dream, I managed to catch a jet stream when I was 17 and rise all the way to an international level, playing around the world with the Australian crest on my chest. I was on top of the world!


Until I returned… I faced some broken bones, a club that promised me a lot and then rejected me badly, and a belief that I had reached the peak of my career.


Each year, from 18 to 23, I told myself it was too late to try. The worst part of this is that each year, I thought it would have been possible if I just started a year earlier. That's FU#%ed!


I never want to see another Young Athlete follow this path.

So, what's my message here?

It's simple. Young Athletes are under-supported. Firstly, they don't know how to support themselves. They need help. And secondly, our community does not know how to support them.


I want to inspire these little legends to pursue their passion relentlessly and show them how to overcome the crippling self-doubt, and how to drown out the anchoring words of those around them.


I also want to educate the community (peers, teachers, coaches, parents, everyone) on how to support young athletes more.

Our IN8 Stars initiative will be launching in JULY 2022 - stay tuned.


In the meantime, give a fist-bump to a kid pursuing their dreams - remind them they can "ACHIEVE THE REMARKABLE".

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