Restore your garden & create a remarkable space.

Remarkable Garden Makeovers
Create a beautiful space that you can enjoy and be proud of.

Who does not dream of waking up each day to the birds singing and the sun shining over a magnificent garden display? Fortunately, this dream is within your grasp, and we want to help you achieve it!


A beautiful garden space will bring joy to your life; as a space to spend time with those you love, or spend time with yourself, or simply just a space to admire.


Paint a picture in your mind. What is the perfect garden space for you? What does it look like? What are you doing? Who are you with?


We want to help you realise this vision, and create the remarkable garden space you deserve.

Doing what the Landscapers won't, and what the Gardeners can't.

If you have found yourself in a pickle where your garden project is too small or simple for a Landscaper, or too big for your Lawn Guy, then that is the perfect project for IN8.

Our crew are obsessed with garden makeovers! Why?

Well, let's sum it up in the two main phases:



The MUSCLE Phase

This is where our crew complete the massive clean-up of your property. Pruning overgrown bushes, detailed weeding of everything, yard tidying, debris clearance and bush removal!

This is our time to show-off the solid work-ethic of our team. They'll get stuck into the muck, and do it with a smile.




This is where our crew put their imagination into action and we work with you to design and create the ideal garden living space. We seek to understand how you wish your yard to be used or to look - and we make that dream for a Remarkable Garden become a reality.

Our primary soft landscaping capabilities include; mowing + edging, hedging, building garden beds, installing lawn, constructing pathways, planting, and removing/installing ground supplies (e.g. mulch, soil, pebbles).

Time for a Garden Makeover?
Whether you need some MUSCLE or CREATIVITY, or both, IN8 are ready to transform your garden space.


Innate Property Services were very professional, on time, courteous and did an impressive job with the garden! Very pleased and look forward to working with them again in the future. Highly recommend.

Mazz, Castle Hill

Analysis Paralysis?

5 reasons to choose the IN8 Crew for your garden.

Diverse gardening capabilities.

Skilled & conscientious team.

Enthusiastic & friendly staff.

Create remarkable gardens.

Show your support for
aspiring athletes in The Hills!


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Restoring gardens and creating remarkable spaces.


Routine servicing to maintain remarkable gardens.


A specialty service to complete your remarkable garden.